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24 August 2020 @ 09:43 pm
Hey Everyone, My Name Is Kailey.
I'm Nineteen Years Old And I'm Canadian, Alberta Baby.
As You Can See I'm Huge Twihard, I Never Was Like This I Swear.
But Kristen And Robert Are The Most Coolest Celebrity's Ever And I Adore Them.
Although They Are Not The Only Things I Love. 
I Love Vintage Films That Date Back To The Very First Time They Created Film.
Also, I Absolutely Love Photography & Indie Rock.
Anyways Before You Add Me . . . 
I Just Wanted To Let You Know That I . . .
Talk About Boys Quite A Lot In This Journal.
So Much It's Sickening, So If You Can Handle That.
That's Cool. Anyways, That's It For Now.
Have Any Questions Feel Free To Ask To Me.


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21 September 2010 @ 12:53 pm
 // Update // 
Good afternoon! How's everyone doing today?
So guess what I finally did yesterday? YES, I made a new livejournal and the username finally works.
The names pumpkinspice16 so be sure to go friend me! :) 
I haven't really done much except add a new layout, userpic etc but thats my new LJ.
Can anyone tell me how to turn off notifications too? I receive me own and that confuses me so much.
I also had to change up all my passwords because I kept forgetting (did this at 3 AM) I was deluded.
I'm starting to think that even though this account's so disorganized, at least I have the sites I want to go on already.
And then there's the readding of friends! lol. What did I get myself into? :/
Than again, I'm a huge LJ noob and I've been on here forever, lol sad.

Anyways, lol that's all. 

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 // Update // 
Hello, How's everyone?! Guess what? I'm finally better.
Well okay, wait I'm feeling better, I'm not 110% quite yet.
I'm going to the doctor's this wednesday, they'll make me back to normal.
But I've improved greatly since I last updated, I have never felt so dead in a long time.
Stupid cold totally knocked me out, I hope I never get that sick again.

Anyways, umm? What can I tell you? 
Me and Chad are talking again, yes again.
I swear it's the weirdest thing! He's so strange.
Months and months go by not talking to me and then BAM, I hit him up and it's a lot again.
Anyways, He's turning 18 soon eh? October 4th to be exact and me and him will be going for drinks! Woo.
I didn't actually think he'd say yes but I was like "Sweet!" also he opened up to me about a girl he had problems with.
She's turned down every request he's made to get together, poor guy! lol. 
But I was surprised he actually told me, That took us forever to get to this point but I'm glad.
I'll still always care for the kid that's the sad thing but I'm always willing to listen! 

Now about another guy and drinking, yes drinking! Hahaha.
I swear I'm an alcoholic in the making, this other guy I had a "thing" with wants me to come to his house for drinks!
Dun, dun, dun, we all know what THAT means right? I'll really have to drink in moderation when I go over.
The last time I did that, I ended up making out with my prick gay friend and he took advantage of me . . . I don't want the same now.
Anyways, I plan on texting him after my doctor's' appointment and go drinking friday. 
YES, for once I'll be able to get out of the house and socialize.

I really hope I'll be able to find work this month too, I must, It's needed.
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